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Kit Trzebunia’s debut novel The Gatherer is a coming of age fantasy tale of healing, purpose and the true nature of love, featuring a gifted girl with unusual powers.

Fans of Robin McKinley’s Chalice and Patricia A. McKillip’s The Forgotten Beasts of Eld will delight in Peregrine’s connection with nature and her journey towards a place of belonging.

Praise for The Gatherer

5 out of 5. The Gatherer is a romantic epic set in magical lands that stars a gifted, irresistible girl.

Though its framework is familiar, the novel is distinguished by its fresh characterizations…moved along by flowing prose… And exquisite details are used to vivify each setting…

Foreword Clarion Reviews

…a contemplative story about courage, healing, and the life-changing power of love.

Impressively deep character development (both human and animal), solid world-building, intricate plotting and subtle philosophical morsels throughout… make for an enthralling, multi tapestried read.

BlueInk Review

…the unique protagonist makes for an engaging companion on the journey.

Peregrine is… an endearing protagonist, and not necessarily a character whom readers might expect to lead a fantasy novel.

Kirkus Reviews

A remarkable, beautiful coming-of-age fantasy that kept me hanging on every word.

This is in the running to be one of the best books I read this year. It is beautifully crafted, emotionally compelling, and fabulous in all the best ways.

Reedsy Discovery Review

“…one of those rare books that both keeps you entertained and makes you feel like you are better for having read it.” —Goodreads Reviewer

“This is honestly the best book I’ve read in years. It’s full of everything I need from a fantasy book but am having such a hard time finding these days: hope, healing, goodness, and one of the most gratifying (yet clean!) romances I’ve read in a long time.” —Leah Welker (Goodreads review), author of the Blood of the Covenants series

“Kit has a gift for making people and places come alive and become dear. She also deliciously wove wisdom and truth about life into these pages…” —Goodreads Reviewer

“There are few books that have touched my heart as thoroughly and deeply as this one… The Gatherer swept me off my feet at every turn, delighting me with the complexity and humanity of each character, pulling me into the rich depths of its world and magic… ” —Goodreads Reviewer

“It was a wild ride with immense drama… The side characters are all absolutely glorious and I want to be friends with absolutely all of them… I was laughing out loud in multiple places.” —Goodreads Reviewer

“I could not get enough of this book… I highly recommend bringing it to your favorite reading chair with a cosy blanket and a cup of Earl Grey tea. Five stars.” —Goodreads Reviewer