I am a writer.

The difference between a writer and someone who merely writes well is that the former writes because she must… because the words well up like an irresistible spring and overflow, spilling ink onto the page.

I am delighted to share my story with you.

About Kit Trzebunia

Kit first dreamed (literally) the idea for The Gatherer before her first son was born. For a couple of decades, she worked on it off and on—but mostly off, as motherhood is rather consuming. If you had told her that she would finally finish the book while riding the wave of inspiration created when her 16yo began to work seriously on his own novel, that his 14yo brother would be her best sounding board, and that her 10yo daughter would be The Gatherer’s first and most passionate fan—all during the middle of a global pandemic—she would never have believed you.

Kit is a Kukkiwon-certified 2nd Degree Black Belt. She began studying taekwondo as research for her book but found that martial arts is a life-changing journey. She is grateful to have had the privilege of going through black belt testing (itself a life-altering event) side by side with her husband and both sons.

A linguist at heart, Kit earned a BA in Russian & Slavic linguistics at the University of North Carolina. She has homeschooled her three children: Her oldest is now an Aerospace Engineering major at NC State, her second son is on a fast track towards Electrical Engineering, and her daughter is still exploring writing, art and science. Kit teaches group fitness at the Y, crochets elephants, and is married to her best friend in the whole world. Their family of five (+ two cats) lives in Durham, North Carolina.