• Win, win…

    Win, win…

    October 31st was a big day for me.

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  • Revision 3

    Revision 3

    Just this morning, I finished Revision 3 of The Gatherer. This is such an accomplishment, on so many levels!

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  • Redaction


    You just can’t hand a 409k word manuscript to a potential editor and ask if they would please wade through it and see if they want to invest in you as a writer.

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  • Epic


    When one says one has written a “novel,” one generally means something in the neighborhood of 80k to 110k words.

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  • The Bravest Thing

    The Bravest Thing

    n a crazy way, finishing a novel is like the death of a friend.

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  • My Caterpillar

    My Caterpillar

    Just this Saturday, I reached a huge milestone…

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