Books by Kit Trzebunia

The Gatherer

Released February 7, 2024

This debut novel is a coming-of-age story set in a fantasy world where a small kingdom stands against the magical empire poised to swallow it.

The Small Tales Series

Whimsy. Beauty. Winter’s sparkling whiteness and the glory of the sun… These small tales read like legends of old.

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The Legend of Jack Frost

Old Jack Frost has been beautifying the world since time began…. but once upon a time, he was a rebellious young sprite who cared little for beauty. Enamored of his own power, he walked where he wished and answered to no one.

Until one day, his carelessness destroys something beautiful. Something he now realizes is beyond price. And Jack would give anything to repair the damage he has done.

The Sun’s Reclamation

The Sun, they say, once walked the earth.

The world is dying, shrouded in dusk. Those long accustomed to darkness remember this legendary Sun only as an idle tale of firelight and shadow. But one woman believes the tales are real, and that the Sun will return to claim his earth.

The North Wind’s Child

She was born on the breath of the North Wind.

Innocent, perfect, she feels there is something more. Something beyond beauty and singularity. A place of belonging, of purpose.

Transformation, she finds, is a terrible undoing. And yet…

It might be the path forward.

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