The Gatherer is a romantic epic set in magical lands that stars a gifted, irresistible girl.”

Foreword Clarion Reviews

The Gatherer book cover

The Gatherer

A coming of age fantasy tale of healing, purpose and the true nature of love.

“…fresh characterizations… flowing prose… fantastic atmosphere… exquisite details… 5 out of 5.” —Foreword Clarion Reviews

“…an endearing protagonist…” —Kirkus Reviews

“Impressively deep character development (both human and animal), solid world-building, intricate plotting and subtle philosophical morsels throughout…” —BlueInk Review

“Kit Trzebunia has the gift of writing characters that are so real, so relatable, you feel like you’re right there in the pages with them.” —Reedsy Discovery Review

“Come, the Voice that from its birth is blessed with the power to command”

In the quiet kingdom of Moran, legend tells of two powers that arise in times of crisis. Growing up in the forests of Blackwood as the daughter of a King’s Ranger, Peregrine trains weaponry and learns the healing arts, never dreaming those tall tales could affect her own life—no matter what the animals call her.

After her beloved father vanishes into the deadly White River that separates Moran from the vast, magical empire of Din Sul, Peregrine struggles to find her calling. Does the title the animals gave her fit into a bigger picture? Is there a counterpart who might finally understand her unique gifts?

Come, the Gatherer of creation under one gentle hand…”

“In the hour of desperation, a union of two may stand.”

Then the Spear Prince of Moran turns Peregrine’s small world upside down with a secret of his own. When Din Sul targets the prince, Peregrine will do whatever it takes to save him. But how could an inexperienced young warrior possibly outwit a powerful mage?

And how does a broken healer find healing?

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