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Take a tour of Peregrine’s world, as featured in The Gatherer
The Seal of Lost Tree

This is the emblem on Xavier’s tunic, and on the household seal in Sir Walter’s desk

The Seal of Lost Tree

The Big Picture

Maps and Seal by Karen Spangler

Are you crafty? If you crochet, you can make…

The Woodsman’s Wife

Peregrine’s woodsman’s wife is inspired by my amazing fellow crochet artisan, Morale Fiber. (If you knit, spin or otherwise, note that she blogs about all things fiber.) The instant I saw this pattern, I knew it belonged to the women of Blackwood! There is a free version on the Morale Fiber blog, but it is well worth the small fee to purchase the pattern on Etsy or Ravelry.

Woodsmans Wife side lacing

Laced side.

The pattern is simple and works up fairly quickly. Here I laced the sides together to make it like a surcoat.

Woodsman's Wife teal

Open side.

You can easily vary the dimensions. This one is wider and longer, so it feels a lot like wearing a stylish blanket.

Woodsman's Wife with hood up

The hood!

The hood is seriously cozy. If you’ve read the book, you know Piper agrees!

🎀🎡 🎢

Get to know The Gatherer‘s characters through music!

Flip the cards below to see each character’s personal theme song, presented in order of their appearance in the book.


of Blackwood Lost Tree. The Gatherer is her story.

It’s Time

by Imagine Dragons


of Blackwood Lost Tree, experienced healer and queen of the kitchens.

Where Do We Go

by Lindsey Stirling, feat. Carah Faye


Sir Walter’s Second, and a dear friend.

Hold the Line

by Avicii, feat. A R I Z O N A

Sir Walter

Peregrine’s father, lord of Lost Tree, and a King’s Ranger.

All or Nothing

by Lost Frequencies, feat. Axel EhnstrΓΆm

Master Commander Roth

Sir Walter’s weapons master, semi-retired from the palace.


by Rag’n Bone Man

The Emperor

His Supreme Excellency, Axhbar el Kazoud ni Asha’n Zurei’i, Lord of the Eleven Flames, Keeper of the Golden Seal.

Power is Power

by SZA & The Wknd & Travis Scott


Had’a Mekhri Midd:an Ahmet Grn’eii, Din Sul’s Head Mage.

Kingdom of One

by Maren Morris


Peregrine’s stepsister, and granddaughter to the West Earl of Blackwood.


by Lost Frequencies feat. James Blunt

Lady Carola

Wennie’s mother, Peregrine’s stepmother. Originally from a titled family in Greyheath.


by David Guetta feat. Sia


His Royal Highness, Andrew Gavin Diamond Devanand Bleddyn Rian Kensey, Crown Prince of Moran.

Night Trouble

by Petit Biscuit


of Redwater Three Coves, a wandering troubadour.


by Lost Frequences feat. Janieck Devy


A Din Sular refugee who enters Peregrine’s life through mysterious circumstances.

Bang My Head

by David Guetta feat. Sia


His Royal Highness, Talfryn Ardal Hammond Arthfael Gwilym, Spear Prince of Moran.

Don’t Let This Feeling Fade

by Lindsey Stirling, feat. Rivers Cuomo & Lecrae


Queen of Moran, Drew and Talryn’s mother.


by Lindsey Stirling


Her Highness, Liranai Honoria Olathe Seren Zulei, Crown Princess of Sirwan.

The Phoenix

by Lindsey Stirling

Court Gala

One of the most delightful characters in the book, and her song makes me happy!

Worlds Away

by Vexento

Note: Links to publicly available YouTube content are provided for convenience. Where possible, I have linked to the original artist’s post, but their video content has no relevance to The Gatherer or its characters.