Baby Bunia Chronicles

Back by popular demand… (and by popular demand, I mean my dad demanded this)… I give you, the Baby Bunia Chronicles! This was my original blog, chronicling “The Life and Times of the Liameister, the Park, and Ellie Pea.” The posts are in reverse chronological order. I just reread the very bottom one, written during week 32 of pregnancy with my firstborn (that was nearly TWO DECADES ago 🫣), and laughed out loud. My dad is right: “There’s good stuff here.”

In 2017, I stopped chronicling. And in 2020, I had a brief run at trying to capture the doings of my older children at And They Fledge. That basically just morphed into me talking about my writing, which turned into this blog, right here.

So if you’ve got time on your hands (really? who does??), take a fun hop down memory lane and enjoy the sign posts!

A rare shot of Liam trying his right hand on for size.

Even when he was a toddler, he tended to prefer his left.